Woidhauserhof - Piesenkam

(Recommended by Larry and Ben)

Beim Woidhauserhof
Waakirchner Weg 10
Tel - 8021/505348

(Ben) ...This was an excellent place to stay, inexpensive and clean. I had a large doubleroom with TV and a balcony just outside my door. A refrigerator and bathroom with shower were also just in the hall.




This beautiful old farm (two dozen cows) is located in Waakirchen which is a small farming community and a suburb of Piesenkam, very near to Holzkirchen. This is a perfect base camp for attending Oktoberfest in Munich - situated near the end of the S-3 line in Holzkirchen.

Breakfast was excellent - served in an immaculate Frühstückzimmer.


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