Familie Bacher
Hausnummer 28a
Mösern bei Seefeld (Austria)

(Ben)  ...It's a beautiful day as we head northwest on B305, turn southwest on B21/178 as we enter Austria and enjoy the magnificent vistas of the Alps. We work our way over to A12, still moving southwest, via Innsbruck. Construction work and too many Umleitung (detours) kill my motivation to stop in the little town of Hall in Tirol for a walkthru. We continue past Innsbruck and take the 177 towards Mittenwald, turnoff at Seefeld heading southwest to the tiny village of Mösern (altitude 1,250 meters) where our next farm awaits.

The Sterzingerhof is your typical Tirolian style structure with flower covered balconies around most of the house. Our accommodations here consist of a large doubleroom with shower, toilet, balcony, satellite TV, and a rollaway bed for Amy.

With the rain behind us and the promise of warmer weather ahead we change into our summer walking clothes and hike down to the "Peace Bell".

In 1997 the Friedensglocke was installed on a nearby hill overlooking a beautiful valley and the town of Telfs in the distance. This is the Tirol's largest, freely suspended bell (more than 12 tons) and strikes daily at 5 pm in the name of peace for the Alpine region. I have no doubt that the ringing can be heard throughout the valley all the way to Telfs.

After a quick picnic lunch on the balcony, we load up and drive north to the village of Leutasch. I had found a pamphlet at the Mösern Tourist Info Office indicating that the
Spielpark in Leutasch had a nice looking Sommerrodelbahn so with the good weather in the mountains I thought it would be a perfect day for a nice luge ride. I am hesitant to drive to a kiddy-park in search of a good luge run but the pictures of this 1.2 km Rolba-Run made it look like an interesting one (even for adults). We arrive at the large park only to find that the Sommerrodelbahn will not be in full operation until the next weekend. Drats! Oh well - they serve beer and Amy finds several games and rides that are working. Not a total loss - but very disappointing. Back to the farm for a few afternoon hours relaxing, enjoying the scenery from the balcony

- another walk back to the Peace Bell for the daily ringing (very impressive) - and a drive into Seefeld (larger city, more tourists, plenty of lodging for winter ski crowds). We opt for dinner at a nice looking place beside a ski-lift -

Cafe-Restaurant Seewald-Alm
Harald Neuner
Mösern bei Seefeld/Tirol

Another excellent meal - this time - Würzige Gulaschsuppe mit Brot - Wiener Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites und Preiselbeeren - Hühnerfilet (Wiener Art) mit Kartoffelsalat und Preiselbeeren and the always good Kaiser Bier vom Faß to wash it down. Es war ein wunderbarer Tag.

Day Eight

Another early morning solo walk about town - it's a beautiful day and the mountains are spectacular.

Breakfast at 0815 and it is an especially good one - lots of meat and cheese, jams and jellies, cold milk, strong coffee and eggs.

This is a great day to drive thru the mountains so we set off for Mittenwald and a nice scenic loop via Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Erhwald, Lermoos and Telfs. We explore Mittenwald for a few hours and although teeming with other tourists it is such a pleasant little village to walk through and do some shopping.

Continuing along B2 we find that Garmisch is even more crowded so we take the B23/187 southwest via Ehrwald to the little village of Biberwier. All week I have been looking forward to making several runs on our favorite Sommerrodelbahn. The weather is great and Amy and I are ready to roll - only to be disappointed once again in finding nothing working. The luge is closed except for weekends until the end of the month. No luck lately!


Oh well - it's still a nice day so we enjoy a picnic lunch and make our way back to Mösern. We relax the rest of the afternoon and make plans to attend a music concert at a local hotel that evening - a Volksmusikabend at

Hotel-Restaurant Habhof
Familie Decristoforo
Mösern bei Seefeld/Tirol

We arrive a bit early - find a nice table on the terrace (what a view) and enjoy a dinner of Schweinerrückensteak mit Pfefferrrahm sauce, Röstinchen und Broccoli, Kleines Wiener Schnitzel mit Salat und Pommes and Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb mit Preiselbeeren und Salat - a little more expensive than I would normally select but we take into consideration that we were about to enjoy an evening of live music. As we are eating we notice that the tables next to us are being set up in preparation for the musicians. As it turns out we have the best seats in the house and are soon joined by a group of pretty young ladies armed with various wooden flutes and zither type instruments (Hackbrett), one young man (very good on Hackbrett), along with a beautiful female guitarist (older leader) - all in their finest Tirolian outfits.

They entertain us for several hours while we enjoy the Bier, the awesome view of the mountains and the best weather of the trip. A great day!

Day Nine

Up early for a walk around the farm and a leisurely stroll down to the peace bell area. Beautiful morning for a trip north to the Füssen area so after breakfast we load up and prepare for a travel day. Before we leave however, Amy and I take the opportunity to enjoy a horse carriage ride around the Mösern area with Arnold (son of the very nice owners - Bacher family).

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