Schillihof - Gengenbach/Schönberg

(Recommended by Ben, Dee Dee, Larry, Chuck & Beverly)

Kinzigstrasse 71
Tel & Fax - 7803/3947
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Double and Triplerooms with bath/toilet/shower and balcony.  Nice TV lounge, kid's play area, table tennis, bikes available for guests.  Gengenbach is 10 km SE of Offenburg and the little village of Schönberg is a few kilometers south of Gengenbach in the Black Forest.

Gengenbach 10 km SE of Offenburg

Schönberg is a few km south of Gengenbach

(Ben) ...The Shilli's are warm and friendly hosts who speak some English.   This is about a 60 year old farmhouse that seldom sees English speaking guests as verified by their house guestbooks.   I was informed by Frau Schilli that we were the first Americans to ever stay there.   An occasional British family had found them but no Yanks.  This is one of the first farms that PStuyvsant and myself discovered and it sparked my interest in Bauernhöfe that has led to my farm research.  It's only fitting that my first featured farm be the Shilli Bauernhof. If you are ever in this area of the Black Forest stop by and say hello to the Schilli Family. I know you would enjoy the visit.

First farm for us - first Americans for Shillihof

(PStuyvsant in front of the Shillihof)


Chuck and Beverly (CKronenbur) also overnighted at the Shillihof. Excerpts from their trip report with pictures follows -

Up early, excited about our upcoming two nights at a farm in Schoenberg. (Just outside of Gengenbach). Larry one of the board members had highly recommended it. There was no snow in Wiesbaden, but it had started to rain. We took A3 to A5 and exited on B33. We did take one short detour to Strasbourg but I will not elaborate. I will mention that we did visit a very nice Christmas market and a cathedral while there. The rain was lasting all day so we cut our visit short. I can assure you we were glad to get back into Germany where people seemed more friendly, and were more tolerate of our lack of the area language.

We drove through the quaint towns of Offenburg and Gengenbach before reaching Schoenberg. It had started to snow again and there was alot of snow on the ground. Dusk had set in and we were lost. (Nothing new) We called the farm and Michael, the farm owners son, came and met us. (Just another reminder of how friendly and helpful all of our new found friends have been.)

When we reached the Schilli Bauernhof, we were greeted by the Frau and taken to our big comfortable room. The bathroom was in the hall, but this did not present a problem. As hunger set in, we started looking for a restaurant. The Frau recommended the Landgasthaus Eiche just down the road and it turned out to be an excellent choice. Went back to the farm. Enjoyed some of our macaroons we had purchased from the Strasbourg market. You have not lived until you try some of these.

19 December

Up early. It had snowed again during the night and there was a beautiful blanket of snow in the surrounding fields, with the snow capped mountains in the back ground and the rising sun acting as a spot light. (another Kodak moment).

The inside of the home was full of antiques and unique items that added a personal tough to the decor. In this home as well as many others there was a cross and other religious articles that reminded us of the creator of all the beauty we have been enjoying. We took a walk outside to see the cows.

They were still in the barn, which was connected to the home. It is amazing how clean the barn and the cows are, and how well concealed the barn is that one would not know that the cows were even there.

We had breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, bread, jelly, tea, and coffee. It was the first time I had been served tea in a large pitcher like Chuck had been getting his coffee served in, and I found this nice. I declined the eggs since I was still not able to eat runny eggs and was too timid to make a special request to the preparer. The Frau served us some of her homemade sugar cookies.

(Frau Schilli with Chuck)

As we left the farm to go browsing around the countryside. the snow started up again. The first stop on our drive was Offenburg and the Christmas market. It was alittle early so we walked the streets of this very nice town and had some of that good hot chocolate at a nearby cafe. I tried to reproduce it when I got back home but it just was not the same. Maybe one needs the atmosphere to go along with the drink. The Christmas market rated very high on the list.

After making our 'can't do without' purchases, we went to Gengenbach to tour their Christmas market. We enjoyed the market as well as the neat town of Gengenbach. There was a pretty river outside of the walled town that was very photogenic. Each night the town would unveil an advent window in a large building in the center of town. Since it was the 19th of Dec., alot of the windows had been unveiled and revealed some very colorful paintings of the advent.

(Gengenbacher Adventskalender)

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