Schweinberghof - Tegernsee

(Recommended by Larry - PStuyvsant)

Josef und Veronika Dießl
Schweinberg 1
Gmund am Tegernsee
Tel - 8022/75930 ~ Fax - 8022/663559
Email -
Three double rooms - Apartment

(Larry) ...I arrived on a Sunday after an easy drive from Rothenburg. The only moment of terror was looking for a Tankstelle, since I was cruising on fumes, but luck was with me and I kissed the ground swearing never to cut it that close again.

My reservations were at the "Schweinberghof", a large dairy farm located high up in the hills above Gmund am Tegernsee, about 30 miles south of Munich. Run by the Family Dießl, they offer very nice accommodations, including breakfast, for typical farm prices. I had a large DZ (doubleroom) with shower/toilet, and TV for only 25 per night. As usual, when trying to find a place for the first time without a map I had to make a couple of stops for directions, but finally pulled into the front yard around 1:30. The view of the surrounding hills and valleys was spectacular, and I settled in for the next three days.

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