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Anni Schmidtner
Biberbach 30
Tel - 8461/1437 ~ Fax - 8461/9425
Email -

... We arrive in Eichstätt around noon - turn northeast and follow the Altmühl river - enjoying the tranquil scenery and in search of the perfect farm. Sometime later - after several failed attempts at places that were full - we arrive in the village of Beilngries.

After a few phone calls I reach the friendly voice of Anni Schmidtner who offers an apartment at her farm. Sounds good - looks good on paper - so we drive to the little village of Biberbach which is just a few km north of Beilngries on the Rhein-Main-Donau Kanal. Frau Schmidtner is a very sweet lady who happily gives us a tour of her small but tidy farm.

Anni feeding newborn lamb...

Pigs with lots of piglets, sheep with several newborn lambs stumbling about, big flop-ear rabbits, some beautiful horses and several tanks of trout in various stages of growth. Anni then shows us our huge ground floor apartment with two sleep rooms, a very large bathroom and a cozy kitchen area with a TV. We relax at the Ferienhof Schmidtner for two days.

The rain has followed us south so we drive into Beilngries and quickly settle on a nice looking restaurant specializing in Pizza and Italian dishes. We each order individual plate sized pizzas with several toppings just to see how different everything is from what we get back home. The pizza was excellent but we leave half a plate of assorted toppings that didn't quite seem to fit our appetite (artichokes, pitted olives, etc). :-) And the Bier was prima... Total bill - 21.60 (Gaststätte Restaurant Pizzeria alla Piazza, Schrannenplatz 2, 92339 Beilngries)

Back to the farm to relax and enjoy our cable TV as the rain continues to fall. Several English language channels, BBC, MTV and of course full coverage of the World Cup in progress. My favorite TV program consists of one hour of early morning Webcam coverage of the Alpine regions of Germany and Austria. Two or three minutes of somewhere like the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area, then it would switch to the Tegelberg in Schwangau, Seefeld in Austria, etc with panoramic mountain views and a look at the current weather there, with regional music in the background. Now that is a program I would tune in to frequently if I could get it at home.

Later we explore the little village of Biberbach, discovering a nice little restaurant and good Bier just around the corner. Later we enjoy a local flea market, a boat show on the river and discover a picturesque little place for dinner in Beilngries, the Gaststätte Restaurant Stern Gasthaus at Hauptstraße 7.

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