Schiebenrothenhof - Simonswald

(Recommended by Ben)

Wehrle Family
Am Unterberg 4
Tel - 7683/1010
Email -

This beautiful farm sits well back from the main road and is about three hundred meters from the bus stop. The Wehrle family were excellent hosts
and couldn't have been nicer. While the Frau speaks a little English her grown daughter Daniela speaks excellent English and came by to talk to me on several occasions.

They have at least one single room (mine was) - several doublerooms and several apartments to rent. All clean and modern, most with balcony access, all with shower and toilet en suite. My room had a huge flat panel satellite TV with excellent reception (BBC and CNN).


Monster breakfast buffet with everything you could ask for of an awesome farm Frühstück.


The Wehrle family invited me to attend their annual Almabtrieb Fest which took place all weekend.


This is a celebration of the village cows coming down from the mountain pastures where they have been most of the summer. These 'escorting of the cows" celebrations occur all over Germany. It's always fun to watch as some of the cows almost always get sidetracked into private gardens and alleyways as they are herded through town.



Afterwards it's traditional to enjoy Sauerbraten mit Rotkohl for good luck...

The Simonswaldtal was great and I got in several day trips to Elzach and even to Furtwangen. Just hop the free buses and enjoy the views (miles and miles of quaint villages and farms). That valley bus is almost as exciting as the bus up to the Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden (curves galore and tight passing areas).



Two nice restaurants in Simonswald...


Talstraße 8
Tel - 7683/265

Talstraße 13
Tel - 7683/91390

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