(Recommended by Ben)

Grafenloch 10
Wolfach/Kirnbach (OT Grafenloch)
Tel - 7834/6146 ~ Fax - 7834/869596
Email -

This is a wonderful farm (Bauernhof) in a valley seldom found by foreign tourists. The Röcklehof is owned and operated by the very friendly Bruder family. Herr Bruder speaks English if you have trouble communicating with anyone else.

Drive SE from Wolfach in the direction of Kirnbach.  Look for signs to Grafenloch.  There will be a side road to the right that will wind up through the valley.  The Röcklehof sits high on the hill on the left side.

Some rooms are in the main house however most are in a separate building. The building with the light brown roof is the main house.  The darker colored building in the middle of the picture is the main guest house. Large breakfast room with TV. Cold drink and Bier machines. Ping-pong table. A one-alley kegelbahn (bowling alley) is in a separate building. Trout stream and private hunting area available. When I found this farm several years ago I was told that we were the first Americans to stay there (and twenty years of guestbooks verified it). A beautiful rural setting in the Black Forest...

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