Bauernhof/Ferienhof Lehner-Köglmaier - Weltenburg

Bauernhof/Ferienhof Lehner-Köglmaier
Alte Dorfstraße 1
Tel - 9441/3550 ~ Fax - 9441/179660
Email -
Rooms & Apartments w/private bathroom/toilet, cable TV
Cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits, large deer enclosure, bikes available
The Kloster Weltenburg 
is an easy 15 minute walk from the farm (level walking)


Deer enclosure

A nice looking farm just a few hundred meters from the Danube river. Accommodations are excellent - new light-wood furnishings throughout - large comfortable beds - recently renovated - everything clean and well maintained.

Double room for one person - 26 Euro - Sep 04

Map to Weltenburg

Cable TV - immaculate shower/toilet room

Soon after we check in and while Larry is recovering from jet lag - I walk down to the Danube and follow the paths to the Weltenburg Kloster. Tourist cars and buses are not allowed on the road out to the Kloster. Park at the large parking lot near the main road and walk or take the one Pedicab located at the beginning of the little jaunt. Lots of folks enjoying this walk today going in both directions. Arriving at the Kloster you will find a nice large Biergarten located in the inner courtyard. On this nice weather day the tables and benches are occupied by a lively crowd enjoying the food, drinks and conversation. This Benedictine abbey of Weltenburg is the oldest monastery in Bavaria and they have been brewing Bier here since 1058.

Weltenburg Kloster

Weltenburg Kloster

Excellent Frühstück buffet to include perfect soft-boiled eggs. Frau Gabriele Lehner is a very nice hostess who also speaks a little English.

great breakfast buffet with eggs...

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