Beim Landhannes in Schwangau near Neuschwanstein

(Recommended by Ben and PStuyvsant)

Beim Landhannes
Am Lechrain 22

Tel - 8362/8349 ~ Fax - 8362/9305898
Email -

This farm is in the village of Horn (just a short jog to the castles)
Excellent location near Neuschwanstein - English spoken

(Excerpts from PStuyvsant Trip Report) ..about 35km past Chiemsee I picked up the B472 for a nice cross-country drive thru Bad Tolz, Murnau, Bad Kohlgrub, and onto the B23 for a short drive to my first Bier stop....the Echelsbacher Brücke.

Great view from top or bottom of Echelsbacherbrücke

This is always a favorite stopping place to catch your breath and have a couple of cold ones and I always make a point of it when in the area. Today was great, there was a big crackling fire in the woodburning stove inside the small rest stop,a perfect place to shake off the roaddust. On a clear day the view from atop the bridge down into the gorge is every bit as good as from the Marienbrucke. However,today was a no go since there was nothing but low hanging clouds in the valley.

After a relaxing half-hour it was back on the road and a sharp left onto the winding country lane towards the Wies Kirche and Steingaden. The weather was making a serious attempt at co-operating with occassional glimmers of sun breaking thru the clouds,at least the rain had stopped. At Steingaden it was onto the
B17 toward Füssen. My accommodations were to be at the bauernhof "Beim Landhannes", Am Leichrain 22, in Schwangau/Horn, just a cow pasture away from the castles.

Look closely and you can see Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein

I had written ahead a couple of months earlier and the owner had confirmed a big double with balcony (yep...I decided to splurge).  On arrival I was greeted by the owner who was just returning from his fields and was herding his dairy cows back into the barn. The place was was one of those typical wooden, sloped-roof, farms with the creaking stairs and floors. The Frau greeted me and took me to my room. It was a large corner-double, pine paneling, and a nice balcony with table and chairs along with the usual boxes of red geraniums spilling over. The view was straight out toward Neuschwanstein about a mile away. This is great I'm thinking... I can handle three days of this.


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