Ferienbauernhof Kaesrah - Reichelsheim

(Recommended by Ben and Dee Dee)

View from balcony...

Ferienbauernhof Käsrah
Familie Schwöbel
Kriemhildstr. 8
Tel - 6164/1541
Email -

View from balcony...

(Ben) ...My Frau and I began our 2012 trip with a three day stop at a very nice farm in the Odenwald. The Odenwald is one of my favorite areas of Germany and just about an hour from the Frankfurt airport - making it a good location for your first overnight after arriving at Frankfurt. This Ferienbauernhof is located just off the B47/B38 between the small villages of Gross-Gumpen and Klein-Gumpen which are suburbs of the village Reichelsheim. The owners were on vacation in Italy and had left the operation of the farm with their very nice son, Chris. This vacation farm has 50 beds available for guests and since his parents had not planned for any other guests this week - there was no lack of accommodations. We chose a large bedroom with ensuite bath and a large balcony overlooking a beautiful green valley. Chris (recent college grad working on his PhD) was very friendly and spoke several languages, including English. He was not used to running the B&B side of the family business so I made it easy on him and suggested that we forego the normal breakfast service. He agreed to adjust the price of the room accordingly and told us of bakeries and restaurants in the vicinity where we could have our morning coffee and pastries.


This ten generation farm has it's share of cows (up to a hundred), calves, pigs and horses. This is more of a cattle farm instead of your typical dairy farm. Several cats and a beautiful, sweet natured Sennenhund (Swiss Mountain dog) named Bella.

Dee Dee found a buddy...

Visable from our balcony was a Gasthaus with a limited menu but good food and large portions considering the very reasonable prices. The 8 Euro Jägerschnitzel with Kartoffeln, Gemüse, and Salat is a bargain.

Gasthaus “Zum Deutschen Kaiser”
Kriemhildstr. 12
Tel. 6164/1233

Gasthaus Zum Deutschen Kaiser (short walk from farm)

Michelstadt Rathaus

During our three days at the Käsrahhof we enjoyed day trips to Michelstadt (with it's unique Rathaus) several times.

We also drove down through the Odenwald to the Neckar river, followed it East as far as the Burg Guttenberg and made it just in time for the 11am Birds of Prey showing. Having seen the show several times in the past we knew what to expect (lots of eagles, falcons, buzzards, vultures, etc) and even though the show is entirely in German we always enjoy it.

Not many in attendance on this cool, misty morning but that just makes it all the more personal with the birds zooming close over your head and lurching around at your feet.

Driving back along the Neckar takes you by this impressive looking castle

Schloss Zwingenberg (Neckar)

- Schloss Zwingenberg -

and a chance for a late lunch at the nice little Landgasthof just below it.

Zur Wolfsschlucht
Alte Dorfstr. 1

Excellent Gulaschsuppe...

And of course a trip to the Odenwald would not be complete without some time in Heidelberg. We had planned our trip to Heidelberg to include a Segway tour (the two wheeler, stand-up transporters) however it was rained out and we had to settle for a shopping trip. We enjoy the long Fußgängerzone shopping area from near the castle ruins to the Bahnhof area. Stores galore and plenty of outdoor cafes for coffee, Eisbecher and people watching.

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