(Recommended by Ben & Clan and Erskine)

Family Döllerer
Alte Dorfstraße 10
Unterwössen (between Chiemsee and Reit im Winkl)
Tel - 8641/61246 ~ Fax - 8641/698098
1 Single - 4 Doubles - 1 Multi-bed Zimmer (all with bath/shower/toilet)
Some rooms with balcony and TV
Comfortable lounge with TV - Small guest kitchen

(Ben) ...So we ease back onto the roads and anticipating the winding B305 (also known as the Alpenstraße) Dee Dee takes the driver's seat. Our final destination for the day is Unterwössen (between Marquartstein and Reit Im Winkl) and the Bauernhof 'Stoanerhof'. This is a beautiful farm which I selected from one of my obscure Bauernhof catalogs based on it's appearance, price and location.

The Döllerer family sent me a brochure and altho the farm, village and surrounding area were beautiful - I started to second guess my decision when I saw that the farm was located so close to town. But the girls loved the location. Kelli could walk two blocks to the Postamt to call her boyfriend - there was a toystore just around the corner for Amy and Dee Dee didn't have to drive anywhere. I was the only one less than excited about not being off in the boonies somewhere. But this farm turned out to be a good choice and we were impressed with it's operation. The guest quarters are relatively new and everything was very clean and shiny. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the village and the local grocery store.

Döllerer tractor - (Photo courtesy HHav)

That evening - we walk 3 blocks to a local restaurant - the Gasthof zum Bräu - where we slowly pick over wurst and cheese plates - nurse a few Bier - while enjoying a delightful 'Zitherabend'. The very dignified and smooth voiced gentleman behind the instrument and microphone was often joined by various patrons belting out their favorite tunes and on several occasions the entire restaurant would burst into song and start clapping. A very enjoyable evening with free entertainment to boot. Final song - final set - Lili Marleen. If I could find a place like this in Texas I would go every week. It was just outstanding and what a lucky find in this little town. Back to the farm for a good nights sleep. Everyone's bodyclocks seem to be on German time now.

Day 4 - I'm up early as usual - making my early morning coffee with my handy dandy immersion coil. We brought along several coffee mugs to use early in the trip and leave as little Texas mementos when we find some nice German souvenir mugs to replace them. I prefer the wonderfully strong German coffee (while in Germany) but I don't like disturbing the farm Frau for a cup before we actually eat breakfast - so I brew my own with those little Folger's single packs when I'm up and about early. Works like a charm. Breakfast is set for 0815 and I like to be on time. Typical Zimmer Frei Frühstück here. The only special note I make is that each of us has a Kiwi on a plate and that the china is beautiful. Frau Döllerer impresses me as a very prim and proper lady who keeps a tight house. That impression is still with me because I never saw her in farm work clothes working in the barn. She was always very ladylike and all business.

Frau Döllerer in her Frühstück zimmer - (Photo courtesy HHav)

This morning we are on our way to Salzburg (rain or shine) and the weather looks like it could go either way. We head NE cross country to pick up A8 near Siegsdorf with Dee Dee at the wheel. This is an easy morning drive and traffic is moving right along. After a quick autobahn Tankstelle stop for an Austrian roadway sticker - we make it into Salzburg around 1000.  We exit the underground parking garage and amble along Getreidegasse (Salzburg's famous shopping street) window shopping as far as Mozartplatz.

The girls get plenty of pictures walking around the Residenz and Dom areas even tho it is raining most of the morning. They are impressed with the Fortress but are not interested enough to take the funicular up for a tour. The Frau is concerned about the ride up - Kelli doesn't care - and Amy wants to see any castle she can. My vote would only cause a tie so I opt to let the ladies shop instead.

We last about 4 hours in Salzburg and make our way back to the farm. I make arrangements with Max-Josef (14 yr old Döllerer son) to give us a tour of the farm after his zither lesson. Max has been playing the zither for 5 years and I'm sure one day he will probably be playing at the zum Bräu. He shows at the appointed time and gives Amy and I the grand tour. Even tho this Bauernhof sits in a populated area - the farmstead extends for some distance to the rear with their barns and pastures.

Bringing in the cows - (Photo courtesy HHav)

Back in the wagon we head south to check out Reit Im Winkl and have a bite to eat. As you travel B305 (Alpenstraße) if you spot gliders in the sky you will know you are near Unterwössen as their glider school is well known in the area. We spot 4 gliders in the air at one time. Another thing you become aware of traveling this road is the beautiful tall Maypole in each village with the various representations of the occupations prominent in that particular village. Reit Im Winkl is particularly beautiful and seems crammed with hundreds of flowery balconied houses. This village is geared for the winter skiing scene so summer lodging is very reasonable. After looking thru several souvenir shops just prior to closing time I spot a nice looking Pension/Cafe near where we had parked just to the south of town. The posted prices are fantastic and as it turns out so is the food. The evening is calm and cool so we find a nice spot on the outside terrace and order Schnitzels all around. I enjoy a huge Jägerschnitzel and Paulaner Bier.

I am so impressed with the prices that I ask the waitress for a haus prospectus. We are soon joined by the owner and chef Wolfgang Frank who brings a brochure to me and a chocolate ice cream cone to Amy. He goes back inside to get his pictures and proceeds to tell us about his 3 month visit to Austin, Texas when he purchased 3 Jaguars, a Porsche and a Cadillac - shipped them back to Germany where he works on them in his shop in Ruhpolding - and sold them at a nice profit. I'm impressed with Herr Frank and surmiss that he is a very wealthy man considering that he had also just recently purchased this place.

Gästehaus Münchner Kindl

Frank Wolfgang

Tiroler Straße 20

83242  Reit im Winkl



With full bellies and a nice Bier buzz we are back to the Stoanerhof to enjoy the rest of the evening relaxing on their beautiful balcony.

Neat balcony

HHav - Erskine - also enjoyed a stay at the Stoanerhof. Here are a few of his comments: "The Stoanerhof facilities were excellent. The lighting was excellent and suitable for reading and the beds were also good. The bathroom was very good with tub and shower. The frig and range in the hall were good to cool a beer and heat water for tea. We shared the 1st floor with two German couples that were delightful. They cooked and ate in the common area then washed the dishes. We shared a little conversation and lots of body language as they spoke no English.

We found good food at -

Gasthof Post
Familie Klaus Wähling
Achentalstraße 8
Tel - 8641/8624 ~ Fax - 8641/8663

on Hwy B307 (west of B305) and about 2km from Stoanerhof. Just turn right from the drive way."

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