(Recommended by Ben & Larry)

Familie Bolzmacher (Brigitte)
Reichenkam 3
Tel - 8177/465 ~ Fax - 8177/747
Email -
Beautiful farm in quiet countryside location. Dairy livestock, calves, horses, dog, cats, ducks and geese.
Playground, parking area, grill area, table tennis, terrace. Nearest Bahnhof - Wolfratshausen
2 Doubles with bath/shower/toilet, Balcony, with breakfast
1 Apartment for 2-4 persons (2 sleep rooms, balcony, shower, toilet, TV, phone

(Excerpts from trip report) ...continuing southeast on B23 we pick up the Autobahn A95 just out of Oberau until we reach the southern tip of the Starnberger See when we exit the autobahn and continue north along the east side of the lake.

Schwangau - Wieskirche - Oberammergau - Oberau - Münsing

Our next farm is located in Holzhausen (a suburb so to speak of Münsing). This large beautiful Bauernhof is located at the end of a long single lane road in a quiet rural area.

Bauernhof Rothenhof in Holzhausen - Reichenkam 3 - 82541 Münsing

We meet the very nice owners, drop off our bags and I drive Larry to the train station in Wolfratshausen which is just a few kilometers from Münsing. I decided to skip Oktoberfest this year but sent Larry off to represent us. I then drove north along the lakeshore to Leoni (just south of Berg). This is an interesting area to me because I am a Ludwig II fan and have read much about the happenings around Berg Schloß (a favorite retreat of Ludwig's and also where he was imprisoned for a short time after his arrest and removal from power). My mission for today was to visit the Votivkapelle (Memorial Chapel for Ludwig)

Votivkapelle (Memorial Chapel for Ludwig)

which is located directly in front of the cross in the water

Cross in front of Votivkapelle

which marks the spot where Ludwig's body was discovered. It turns out to be a nice hike thru the woods from the parking area.

I elect to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing at our newly discovered farm. At this stop we have a spacious two sleeproom apartment

- - -

with our own TV, phone and balcony.

A real bargain - which in this case includes an excellent breakfast. Be advised that if you opt for apartment type accommodations - Frühstück is usually not included and you must arrange for it separately.

Day 7 - Saturday - Our mission for the day is to visit the excellent old monastery at Andechs. With Umleitungs and closed roads it becomes a challenge to find but after driving around the southern end of Starnberger lake and then northwest towards the Ammersee we find Bavaria's Holy Mountain.

Andechs Monastery

This beautifully situated Benedictine monastery is a good uphill hike from the parking area but the excellent monk brewed Bier and tasty pretzels make the climb worthwhile.

From Andechs we head north thru Starnberg skirting the lake and after a Penny Markt stop for Bier, wine and provisions we turn south to Holzhausen. After a nice easy restful afternoon at the farm and watching some Olympic competitions on TV - we head into Münsing to try a restaurant recommended by our hostess.

Gasthaus Limm - Hauptstraße 29 - 82541 Münsing

The Gasthaus Limm is nice enough and the food is filling. The Pfannkuchensuppe and Bier were outstanding. Another day in the books we mosey back to the Rothenhof.

We schedule most of our Frühstück for 0800 and we are usually impressed by the breakfast spreads at the farms we stay at. The Rothenhof is no exception as the very nice hostess Frau Brigitte Bolzmacher endears herself to us with healthy helpings of cheese, Wurst, spreads, several juices, cereals, eggs, Brot/Brötchen and a pot of good strong German coffee that never runs out. Sehr gut!

Frühstück at the Rothenhof

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