Kirnerhof farm in Urach

(Recommended by Jim, Larry, Len, Gary, and Ben)

Gerlinde Schuler/Hedwig Wehrle
Alte Straße 8
Tel & Fax - 7657/224
Email -

(Jim's comments) ...Huge rooms and you'll never meet a sweeter person on the face of the earth than Hedwig Wehrle. She has very large double rooms each with a shower and one with toilet. The other utilizes a toilet out in the hallway. I recommend the Kirnerhof highly...

Apartment will sleep 4 - cable TV

Hallway to apartment

Apartment has complete kitchen

Another doubleroom at the Kirnerhof

Another large Kirnerhof doubleroom

Outer hallway leading to rooms

...The whole of the outlying areas around the village are given over to dairy farming. Any hiking you are liable to undertake is going to lead you in some way or other across a pasture or a hayfield. ...there are some very nice round hiking trips that can be made in only a short time. No need for anything heavier than sneakers although if you have boots it's always better. The one trip that comes to mind is a visit to the Linacher Stausee. It's just over the hill, to the North, from Urach. The thing that makes this dam interesting is that it is one of only two such structures in the world (the other is believed to be somewhere in South America). Instead of being made of solid concrete it is made in somewhat tubular or parabolic sections and totally hollow behind. If you find that you don't have time to walk there you can drive to the other end just East of the village of Linach. It's worth a trip either way.

... this sign was erected (as were a couple of others) by a ladies group on the other side of the 'hill' in Schollach, to guide hikers to a great source of handy libation along their way. They actually replace several that Fritz Bärmann had stuck up there himself many years ago. They appear along the 'Wanderwege' that runs along both ridges that run over the town of Urach.

...To sum up, Urach is a pretty sleepy place on the outside but once you get to know it there will never be a lack for anything to do. There's always Frühschoppen on the Sundays of church festivals!

Ben's comments) ... Frau Wehrle and her daughter Frau Schuler are wonderful hosts and make a stay at the Kirnerhof just that much more of a pleasurable experience. I stayed here for six days one year and two days another and enjoyed every minute of it. I overstayed my reservation for the apartment but Frau Wehrle put me in her MBZ for the last two days. Outstanding Frühstück with eggs every morning in addition to her always excellent spread. If you ever considered hiking in the Black Forest - this is a nice home base to hike from. Lots of easy to follow trails through the woods and along the ridge lines...

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