The Bauernhof Waxenlehen in Ramsau

(Recommended by Ben, Dee Dee, Ricky, Frances and Ro, Dennis & Jean, Nate, Erskine and Bill and Susan)

Herbert and Katharina Sieger
Alpenstraße 101
Tel - 8657/1502 ~ Fax - 8657/983443
Email -
5 Doublerooms - 2 Multi-bed rooms (some with bath/shower/toilet, balcony) - Ferienwohnung

(Ben) ...Spent three wonderful days and nights at the Waxenlehen in September 2013. Nice double room with toilet/shower, balcony, TV and great view. Katharina (Kathy) Sieger now operates the B&B part of the farm and a nicer, friendlier hostess would be hard to find. She speaks a bit of English and her son will assist if you have a communication problem. The location is excellent with beautiful scenic mountains all around you. And if your fellow travelers want a good meal and after dinner drinks - the Gasthof Baltram is less than a five minute walk across the Alpenstrasse (closed on Mondays).

(EMail excerpts from Dennis)    ...Dear Ben - Will be in Berchtesgaden for 3 nights in May. Trying to talk wife into staying on farm...or guesthouse or at least a very small hotel. Her biggest problem is the "toilet and shower down the hall". Told her there may be some with facilities with the room. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dennis Chicken

...Hi Dennis - I always think of 'toilet and shower down the hall' in farmhouses as being just like visiting a cousin or uncle. Their guestrooms seldom have private facilities. :-) Many farms have toilet/shower/bath in the rooms...

...Dear Ben - I THINK I have a reservation at this location...I called and talked to Frau Sieger... had to speak in German since she said nobody in the house speaks English... I must admit that I had fun making the call... Introduced myself and asked for room for 2 with bath, and gave her the nights we needed... She repeated the dates to me and said OK...and, I think she asked for a Postcard with our names and address.. I put a letter together with the room request and dates, etc. in German and sent it today....

...Dear Ben - Just a note to let you know that we enjoyed the Waxenlehen in Ramsau (Berchtesgaden). We arrived late in the day and were greeted by Mrs. Sieger and shown to Room #2 (queen bed/shower & w/c and outside porch on second floor). Room was clean and the view was magnificent. Snow capped mountains everywhere you look...

Dennis and Jean Chicken at Waxenlehen

With Frau Sieger...

...There is a TV/activity room for all the guests to enjoy and a full breakfast each morning (hard boiled egg, toast, fruit preserves, misc. meats and cheese, coffee etc.), bottled beer is available later in the day, just ask, and dinner across the street. We seemed to be quite an oddity, we were the only guests that didn't speak German. With a little German and a lot of had signals, we were able to understand each other quite adequately. This farm is a great location with a rental car. You are just far enough away from the tourist areas of Berchtesgaden, yet within a short drive to all the area sights. We visited the Eagle's Nest, Königssee, the salt mines, Hintersee, the town of Berchtesgaden, trip to Salzburg, Austria for one day, and spent a little time just driving around and oohing and ahhing at the landscape during our three day stay. The attached photo was taken by Mrs. Sieger, we are standing next to the entrance of her house, the view is what we saw from our balcony....


The following notes are excerpts from Nate's trip report and reflections on his stay at the Waxenlehen for 3 days....

...Now that we each have some local currency its off to find our home for the next 3 nights. To be honest the Waxenlehen was a little farther from Berchtesgaden than I had thought, but the drive was stunning if not a little curvey. It was around 15 minutes along a narrow road that toured along a very pretty stream surrounded by snow, from there we went under a tunnel that had huge, long icecicles hanging right above the road. As it was only about 30 degrees we both thought this was a little dangerous yet interesting. ... we found the house with no problem. It stands nearly alone with a farm to the left and a small house with a restaurant across the street.

...We received a warm and friendly greeting from the house frau. The house was a large 2 story house. It looked like the family lived down stairs and they had around 6 rooms for rent upstairs. Because of the season we were the only people staying during our 3 nights. Our room was small yet comfortable with a large bed, a small table with 2 chairs and a bathroom with a shower. I was surprised to see we had our own shower as most places like this seem to have a shower you share at the end of the hall. We also had our own balcony with a stunning 180 degree view of the Alps and the valley leading to them. There was probably 12 inches of snow on the ground and the Alps were looking so majestic with the sun glaring off them....

...stunning view of the Alps

Day 3: Up at 7am and ready for another wonderful German breakfast. I always sleep so good on these trips, partly because I am so far away from work I imagine, but also because the air is so fresh, and the German comforters are soooo comfortable...

....we drove back towards Berchtesgaden to Maria Gern. I have been to B-gaden many times but somehow did not know the Maria Gern and Ramsau churches were the ones you see in so many pictures. I found both of them just as wonderful in person, but getting the same picture angle proved to be very difficult. At the Maria Gern there is a small pull-off just up the hill, so we parked there for a few pictures. Just as we got out the bells started ringing and a group of nuns came around the corner walking up the hill. The pictures came out great, but they will never capture the feeling and sounds such as the bells ringing and the cool, crisp air on a sunny, snowy day....

...the church at Maria Gern

...Once back at our farm home I decided to go downstairs and pre-pay as we were leaving very early the next morning for Rothenburg. I gave her the chocolate Santa's for her grandchildren and then took a picture of her and her husband in front of the ceramic stove in the dining room. hosts - Herr & Frau Sieger

She seemed to enjoy the chocolate Santa's. I noticed a plate of home made German cookies and told her in my broken German that my German wife makes cookies just like hers. She then left and came back with a large plate of cookies and two shot glasses of schnapps. I thanked her and took the cookies to dad and drank the schnapps myself.

My over all opinion of the home is the hosts are very friendly, but speak NO English. She is very helpful in showing you maps of where and what to see. The rooms and showers were comfortable and the view couldn't be any better. The home is a good 15 minutes from Berchtesgaden, but only 5 minutes to Ramsau. I would recommend the home to others, but think for a family it would be better in the summer when the kids can help and run in the fields below...."


Erskine and Peg (HHAV) spent three nights at the Waxenlehen. Erskine comments - "The view from our backside room was like an Austrian/German postcard - beautiful mountains. This is a great value and a very good breakfast."


Frau Sieger

Erskine also recommends this Gasthof just across the Alpenstraße from the Waxenlehen -

Cafe Gasthof Baltram

Cafe Gasthof Baltram
Familie Graßl
Alpenstraße 100
Tel - 8657/572 ~ Fax - 8657/705
Email -


(Bill) ...Jumped in the Tank (G350 Bluetec Mercedes) and headed for Ramsau. The GPS was flawless with a wonderfully soothing and articulate woman?s voice with clear English led us spot on to the Waxenlehen farm?s driveway. Ben and a few others had recommended it and we were not disappointed. No one spoke English (the son did but we only saw him about 30 minutes - he had worked for Mercedes so he was interested in the Tank), but we managed to communicate. The Siegers, mostly the younger daughter-in-law, were very helpful, even going into Ramsau one day while we were gone to get a bunch of literature in English. The elder Mrs. Sieger floated around all over the place and was very friendly but she spoke no English, did her best to help us, but deferred to the daughter-in-law. Saw the older Mr. Seiger only a couple of times but he was working the farm, cutting the grass for silage for the cattle so didn?t have much time to socialize.

Frau Sieger and Susan

Herr Sieger and Daughter in Law

The Gasthaus building has a lot of rooms but if you stay there, try and get room 1, 2, 3, or 4 where the views of the mountains are magnificent, truly, one of the most majestic views I had ever had from a zimmer frei.

We were in room 3; a fellow in room 2 was German and lived in Thailand where he ran a hotel, but he came back to Germany for a month or two every year. He spoke good English and we used him when possible as interpreter. He had stayed there several times and described it as paradise. I have to agree, it was very close to paradise. Ben said that, well even if I don?t ever get to heaven, at least I will have had a taste of paradise in the Berchtesgaden area. True...

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