Many of the farmers throughout Europe have guest rooms (Zimmer Frei - Privatzimmer) and Ferienwohnungen (apartments) to rent and usually at very reasonable rates (slightly more than camping but less than or equal to pension or small hotel).

Big or little, with animals or mainly crops, these Bauernhöfe are almost always a fun experience. If interested - many farmers will allow you to participate in or observe daily work routines. When was the last time you milked a cow?

For me there is something special about waking up early to grazing cows below my flower laden balcony as I enjoy a cup of strong German coffee and breathe the crisp country air.

Farms with Ferienwohnung or Ferienhhaus (apartments or a separate guest house) sometimes only take boarders for a week or several days at a time but many have rooms available for the overnighters.

For the slight inconvenience of having to use a toilet and shower/bath usually just outside your room - you can sometimes cut your budget even more.

Many of the farms also allow camping on the property so if you enjoy pitching a tent - that would be another low-budget possibility.


Breakfast rooms come in all sizes and shapes and the Frühstück much of the time consists of the farm's own produce. Normally - a very substantial meal at the Bauernhöfe.

If you are traveling to any of the following regions and would like to view some farm possibilities in that area - just click on the links below -

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Farms in the Odenwald and Neckar Valley areas

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