Broghammer - Titisee-Neustadt (Jostal)

Jostal 64
Titisee-Neustadt (Jostal)
Tel - 7651/1634
Apartment and one double room

The Broghammer is a neat little farm located in the Jos valley near Titisee-Neustadt. A very nice place - recently remodeled rooms - with a gracious elderly lady in charge (no English). I had a good sized double room with shower and toilet just across the hall - €17 ($24) in 2008. Excellent breakfast...

The Jostal has become one of my favorite valleys in the Black Forest. These are views surrounding the Broghammer farm.

A restaurant located an easy two minute walk from the Broghammer is the -

Jostalstraße 60
Tel - 7651/918160
Email -

A nice restaurant just off the B500 between Titisee and the Jostal turn-off to the north (just north of Odenbach). Great prices and excellent waitresses - so much so that I had to make a return visit...

Mühlen-Café "Backhof Helmle"
Ödenbachstr. 3
Tel - 7652/91100

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