(Recommended by Ben & Larry)

Bauernhof Schork
Klaus und Renate Schork
Lindenstraße 1
Fahrenbach (OT Robern)
Tel - 6267/204 ~ Fax - 6267/929001
Washer and Dryer available
Nice terrace, children's play area, table tennis
Excellent restaurant (
Landgasthof zum Löwen) nearby

(Ben) ...We found this small farm to be in an excellent location perfect for daytripping in the Odenwald and Neckartal areas. Frau Schork proved to be an excellent hostess.

(The first morning of an outstanding trip)

This small Bauernhof is definitely off the beaten tourist paths and it is highly unlikely that you would encounter another American in this small town just 12 km north of Mosbach.  From this location we explored the Odenwald (Michelstadt - Miltenberg - Beerfelden)


The Hotel Riesen in Miltenberg is one of Germany's oldest Inns

Hotel Riesen - Hauptstraße 97 - 63897 Miltenberg - Tel - 09371/3644

Don't miss the Birds of Prey show at Guttenberg Castle near Gundelsheim

One of my instant recalls of this little town of Robern (suburb of Fahrenbach) is the excellent restaurant located just a short walk down the road from the farm. The Landgasthof zum Löwen served one of the very best schnitzels I have ever had the pleasure to consume. It was a Kalbschnitzel that was listed simply as a Käseschnitzel. It literally melted in our mouths. That was the first of many Schnitzel we tried that year but we could never find one as good as that Käseschnitzel at the zum Löwen. It also came with a mountain of Pommes frites that would put any fast food french fries to shame.


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