Zimmer Frei at the Hänslehof

Georg Moser
Wittenbacher Straße 11 (Am Wittenbach)
Tel - 7682/1246 ~ Fax - 924151
Email -
2 Doubles - 1 Triple - most w/bath/toilet/shower, balcony
(horses, cows, calves, pigs, poultry, cats and a dog)
Private hunting area - homemade schnapps

We continue north on B33 to just past Hornberg (just prior to Gutach) where we turn left into the hills. Another long and winding mountain road that Dee Dee just loves.

Hänslehof circled in red

Those winding roads always seem much longer than they really are the first time you drive them and you aren't sure how much further you have to go.

Beautiful hidden Black Forest valley

After a few wrong turns and a quick stop at the local Information Office in Oberprechtal for a Bauernhöfe catalog - we are finally at our destination for 2 nights. The Hänslehof - in a beautiful little valley seldom traveled by the average tourist (unless they are lost) - is just the kind of farm that I look forward to - remote, isolated, no English speaking tourists, built in that overhanging style so prevalent in the Black Forest with balconies overlooking the valley. Herrlich! 

Two double rooms - one with shower/toilet and one without (shower/toilet just outside room). What a great bargain. Rustic, well worn (but clean) and for the price - how can you expect more?

Rustic old farm

We spend the remainder of the day just relaxing and wandering around the little village nearby. We walk down a narrow country lane to a wonderful little Gasthaus - the
Gasthaus Pension Café Rössle, Familie Vogt, Tel-07682/1259, 79215 Elzach-Oberprechtal -

Gasthaus Pension Rössle

where we have an excellent meal of Goulash soup, salad, Schnitzel, cordon bleu mit Bier for very reasonable prices.

Excellent schnitzels and cordon bleu

Day 11 - Up and out at 0530 to snoop around a new farm. Cute little farm beagle (Waldi) accompanies me everywhere. Amy fell in love with that Hund. Frau Moser (this valley is full of Moser's) is up and doing her thing in the barn. Nice lady (speaks very little English) who goes about her chores in a professional manner and we see little of her. A Schützenhof is nearby so I'm sure she gets plenty of practice as there are several plaques throughout the house attesting to Moser marksmanship.  This farm has it all. Horses, cows, pigs, chickens, private hunting land, make their own schnapps, etc.

Breakfast with the Kuh

We see lots of family members coming and going to work and school but the one person who seems to be in charge of guests is
Oma. Everpresent Oma!

Oma is always there

One of Oma's responsibilites is Frühstück and what a breakfast it is. Jams, jellies, honey, Brötchen, Brot, cheese, several meats, soft boiled eggs, coffee, milk, cocoa, hunks of butter, just a huge meal - even compared to other farms we had stayed at.

Das Frühstück schmeckt sehr gute!

Our first breakfast over we head just down the road and over the hills again to B33 and to Gutach. I hate crowds and have found that the best way to see any popular landmark or tourist attraction is to be there early. This is especially true at the Vogtsbauernhof.

Schwarzwald Vogtsbauernhof

I love this old farm open-air museum. I can't remember ever visiting Germany without at least a short stop here. I can't get enough of farms and the farming atmosphere - especially in Germany. These old farmhouses and rural buildings are best viewed and photographed without 12 bus loads of tourists walking about. This morning we are one of the first cars in the parking lot and have the place to ourselves for most of the time. I spend some time with the new additions to the museum and note that there are now descriptions of each building in several languages near each entrance (a much needed fixture). Many of these buildings are several hundred years old and you can't help but be amazed at how life for the farmer has changed in those years.

Later that evening - we opted for cake and ice cream at the excellent little
Cafe-Pension Schwarzwaldperle, Waldkircher Straße 12, Tel-07682/1211, 79215 Oberprechtal.

Cafe Pension Schwarzwaldperle

We all pigged out on different Kuchen or Torte and Eis. The girls weren't crazy about all the Likör sauces but I finished off my strawberry delight with a nice large banana split covered with some kind of liqueur that made me glad I wasn't driving. Hiccup! Hat geschmeckt gute! 

Pigging out on cake and ice cream

Back to the Bauernhof for another final peaceful evening of sitting on the balcony enjoying a few Bier.

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